About the European Social Work Research Association

The European Social Work Research Association (ESWRA) was founded in 2014 to create a hub for social work research development, collaboration and exchange across Europe. Arising from overwhelming levels of engagement in the European Social Work Research Conference, the Association now has over 600 members from across more than 33 countries.

ESWRA’s vision is to take forward the development, practice and utilization of social work research to enhance knowledge about individual and social problems, and to promote just and equitable societies.

ESWRA’s Goals are:

BENEFITS: To promote social work research which will have beneficial consequences for practitioners, service users, educators, researchers, graduate students, and those responsible for service development and delivery.

HIGH STANDARD OF RESEARCH: To foster and maintain the development of high levels of social work research and knowledge production across the European community of nations.

RESEARCH CAPACITY and LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: To enhance both capacity and learning opportunities within and across the European social work community.

RESEARCH METHODS FOR SOCIAL WORK: To provide an environment for the application of research methods and approaches by those from a wide range of disciplines within and beyond the social sciences, in forms which have relevance for social work practice and research.

NETWORKS AND COLLABORATION: To build and work with networks of social work researchers within Europe and actively foster links between European and wider international research networks.


Creation of the European Social Work Research
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