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The Research in Social Work book series, published in association with Policy Press, is a world leading and researchbased collection for social work academics, researchers, and practitioners. With a unique contribution to the academic and professional development of social work in Europe, the series examines current, progressive, and innovative research applications of familiar ideas and models in social work research.

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“Opens the door to research for social work practitioners and both intending and experienced researchers.” Roger Smith, Durham University.

Latest publications

Social Work Research Using Arts-Based Methods Edited by Ephrat Huss and Eltje Bos

In the first dedicated analysis of its kind, international experts review the rationale and results of arts-based approaches to research, teaching, and practice in social work. The book presents examples of their use and methods to evaluate and theorise results and shows how arts can form outputs from research too.


“This enjoyable read offers multiple perspectives on arts-based social work research and makes a strong case for its validity, balanced with critique and caution.” Shelley Cohen Konrad, University of New England

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Critical Gerontology for Social Workers Edited by Sandra Torres and Sarah Donnelly

This original collection explores how critical gerontology can make sense of old age inequalities to inform social work research, policy and practice. Engaging with key debates on age-related human rights, the conceptual focus addresses the current challenges and opportunities facing those who work with older people.


"This group of leading academics have combined to produce a truly international case for the vital contribution of critical gerontology to the skilful practice of gerontological social work." Sally Richards, Oxford Brookes University

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Involving Service Users in Social Work Education, Research and Policy Edited by Kristel Driessens and Vicky Lyssens-Danneboom
Based on the results of a European Social Fund project, this book critically appraises the benefits and challenges of involving service users in social work research, practice and education.
“This is a remarkable and inspiring collection of models and critical reflections on the inclusion of experts by experience in social work education and research. It provides valuable guidance for developing a very innovative approach.” Silvia Fargion, University of Trento
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Adoption from Care: International Perspectives on Children’s Rights, Family Preservation and State Intervention Edited by Tarja Pösö, Marit Skivenes and June Thoburn

This book explores how children’s rights are weighed against parents’ rights in a range of countries and examines how governments and legal and welfare professionals balance those rights following the decision that children cannot grow up in their parents’ care.

“This book takes the reader beyond national boundaries by analysing how adoption from care is conceived and practised in different Western countries. More importantly, the book helps to overcome mental boundaries around adoption, a child protection alternative that is as complex as it is necessary." Jesús Palacios, University of Seville

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Interprofessional Collaboration and Service User Participation: Analysing Meetings in Social Welfare Edited by Kirsi Juhila, Tanja Dall, Christopher Hall and Juliet Koprowska

This book examines how interprofessional collaboration and service user participation are challenged in multi-agency meetings, demonstrating how collaborative and integrated welfare policy is contingent on the interactional practices of professionals and service users and providing examples of best practice.

“An outstanding collection featuring research on service interaction and decision-making. From relational agency to epistemic justice, the issues considered shed significant light on interprofessional collaboration.” Jaber F. Gubrium, University of Missouri

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Killick C & Taylor BJ (2020) Assessment, Risk and Decision Making in Social Work: An Introduction. London: Sage. ISBN: 9781529702224

This book is designed for students on qualifying social work courses. It focuses on the essential social work skills of undertaking assessments and making decisions in a context of risk and uncertainty. The book outlines a framework for this challenging aspect of practice, and considers key dimensions such as involving clients, use of assessment tools and collaboration with other professionals and decision systems such as case conferences and courts. Particular attention is given to analysing knowledge within assessment and forming a professional judgement. It addresses generic legal and ethical issues for social workers involved in safeguarding and service eligibility decision making. A final chapter focuses on the development of professional skills in this increasingly important area of assessment, risk and decision making.

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Coming soon in the series

The Origins of Social Care and Social Work by Mark Henrickson

Migration and Social Work: Approaches, Visions and Challenges Edited by Emilio J. Gómez-Ciriano, Elena Cabiati and Sofia Dedotsi